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Calcutta Chamber of Commerce

Guideline For Authentication Of Export Documents

Calcutta Chamber of Commerce is officially authorized by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India to issue Certificate of Origin (Non-preferential) in respect of goods exported from India. It also attests export documents like invoices, packing list, declaration, product certificate and insurance etc. as required by the member applicant for facilitating their trade activities.

Important points for the companies submitting their documents for authentication/attestation:

  1. i) Documents to be submitted along with request letter on Company's letter head.
  2. ii) The authentication/attestation is carried out on the basis of an Indemnity Bond. The Bond should be provided on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs 100.
    The bond is a continuing Indemnity Bond and need not be submitted for every set of documents. The draft/format for indemnity bond is available on following link. Format for affidavit
Guideline For Authentication
documents for authentication

Following points to be taken care, while submitting the Certificate of Origin

  1. The certificate should be in the proper format (blank formats available at the Chamber's office).
  2. The certificates or other documents should be duly signed with the designation of the signatory clearly stated along with copy of commercial invoice.
  3. The company's stamp/seal should be affixed on each document.
  4. Calcutta Chamber of Commerce will retain one copy of authenticated/attested documents for its record.
  5. Sufficient space to be provided for affixing Chamber's seal and signatures of the authorized signatory.
  6. Authentication/attestation fee to be given in cash only and not by any other instruments.
  7. We require minimum 30-40 minutes to complete the processing of the documents.
  8. The charges for authentication/attestation of documents are as under :
Certificate of Origin, packing list, invoice
(per shipment)

Rs. 100 + 18% GST

Blank Certificate of Origin
(per form)

Rs. 3

Product Certificate, agency and insurance certification/agreement

Rs. 300 + 18% GST

The Certificate of Origin department:

Calcutta Chamber of Commerce
"Stephen Court"
18-H, Park Street
Kolkata - 700 071.
Tel.Nos.: 033-4007-0758
Fax No.: (033) 2229-8236
E mail: secretary@calcuttachamber.com
Website: www.calcuttachamber.com

Office hours:
Monday - Friday: 10.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
Saturday: 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Certificate of Origin