Major Events 2021-22

Calcutta Chamber of Commerce
  • Calender November 17, 2022
    Special Session on Status and Future of India-US Partnership View More ❯
  • Calender November 09, 2022
    Open House discussion on Indo-Bangladesh Economic Outlook View More ❯
  • Calender October 28, 2022
    Inaugural Session of 191st Annual General Meeting of the Chamber View More ❯
  • Calender September 13, 2022
    Special Session on Italian Technology in Horticulture Sector View More ❯
  • Calender August 13, 2022
    Special Session on India: The Road to Inclusive Growth View More ❯
  • Calender August 08, 2022
    Virtual Session on Unleashing India's Economic Potential View More ❯
  • Calender June 17, 2022
    Special Session on Rationalizing the KYC Norms View More ❯
  • Calender June 15, 2022
    Special Session on India China Relations: Bilateral and Region Context View More ❯
  • Calender June 11, 2022
    Live Streaming Workshop on Procurement by CPSEs View More ❯
  • Calender June 06, 2022
    Hybrid Session on Future of India-Australia Economic Relationship View More ❯
  • Calender May 25, 2022
    Industry Interactive Meet with High Ranking Business Delegation of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) View More ❯
  • Calender May 13, 2022
    Special Session on "Exploring Trade Ties for India & Vietnam" View More ❯
  • Calender April 30, 2022
    Hybrid Session on "How Cognitive Biases Derail our Investment Decisions.... and Much Else" View More ❯
  • Calender March 25, 2022
    Special Session on "New Era of E-Invoicing" View More ❯
  • Calender March 08 2022
    Special Session jointly with WICCI West Bengal Mental Health Council on "Cracking the Glass Ceiling - Women in Leadership" View More ❯
  • Calender February 22 2022
    Virtual Talk and Interactive Session on "Starting Your Own Business: Creativity, Perceptions and Challenges" View More ❯
  • Calender February 12 2022
    Virtual Talk and Interactive Session on REWIRING THE MIND View More ❯
  • Calender February 02 2022
    Virtual Panel Discussion and Interactive Session on Union Budget 2022-23 and its Impact on Economy View More ❯
  • Calender January 15 2022
    Virtual Session on "MSME Coming of Age 2022" in collaboration with Indian Chamber of International Business View More ❯
  • Calender December 21 2021
    Virtual Session on "Cryptocurrency-It's Relevance in the Indian Context" View More ❯

November 17, 2022

Special Session on Status and Future of India-US Partnership

Ms. Melinda Pavek, Hon'ble Consul General of the United States of America, Kolkata was the Speaker.

Ms. Melinda Pavek said that we are the world's two leading democracy and largest economies. We are powered by innovative people and together through actions each nation can shape the 21st Century and beyond and that is why strengthening the relationship between our countries is one of the USA's top foreign policy priorities.

She spoke on bilateral cooperation and on how we can realize more prosperous, free, interconnected and secure world as a part of our partnership. The United States and India are collaborating in every field to improve the lives of our people and contributing to the global arena. One important aspect is impact of climate change which is growing globally. The climate and green energy leaders of US and India share a common vision in this critical juncture to reduce emission and achieve climate change navigation goals.

The United States and India have very strong economic partnership. The growth size has been very amazing - by almost seven times in eighteen years and that has been a remarkable achievement. It is ensuring shared and sustainable economic prosperity for the United States and India by promoting trade & economic growth.